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My own art-stuff.
Drawnings, paintings, photos, animations...hope you find something you like. :D

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I like this stuff, ok?



FAQ about me:

Who the heck are you?
My name is Winered-Angel. You can call me Winnie or WA, if you like. My real name is my own business.

Your name is Winered-Angel. Why?
Well, that name just came to me. Winered (or Carmine) is my favorite color and I like angels.

Where are you from?
From Finland.

What do you do right now?
I'm an art student.

How many languages do you speak?
I speak finnish, english, bad swedish and a little german.

When did you start to make art?
Since I got pencil to my hand.

Why you're in DeviantArt?
One day I found this side by accident. I saw people's awesome fan-art and before you can say CAT I was hooked. I joined in and send art I mostly made just for fun.

What's your art style?
Comic style mostly. I also love chibi and gothic style.

What's you thing?
I quess it's Rammstein fan-art. Rammstein Kinder, if we are exact. But I do other stuff too if I'm in a mood.

What is Rammstein Kinder?
They're Rammstein members as a little kids. I got the idea from one of my internet-friend (thanks again ariesgirl/tillsdoppelganger). I was only going to use them once, but they were too cute. I had to make some more. MEHR!!! ^w^

How old are they?
Well, usually Oliver is about one year old (old enough to play, but can't walk yet), so that would mean Till is 9, Paul is 8, Doom and Flake are both 6 and Richard is 5. Originally they were all one year older.

Is the age difference between them real?
Yes, I actually checked it. To be honest I was surprised Oliver is really that young.

About Rammstein, why do you like them in a first place?
Their music is wonderful, they're fucking handsome guys and because it's just my thing! Like Nightwish is my sister's thing.

So you have siblings?
Yes. Big sister and little brother. I mostly hang out with my brother.

Other family members?
Mom, dad and brother-in-law.

Do you have pets?
I wish! We have fishes but they just swim and eat. I had triops once, but they all died (they live only a month, but I loved them). :(
My sister has a cat which I go babysit sometimes. He's a sweet little boy. :meow:

Favorite animals?
Cats, ravens, bats, catfishes, squirrels, bunnies, turtles, frogs, bears, scorpions...

What do you afraid?
Bugs. Not all of them, but wasps, bees and those big flying two spike creatures we have in summercottage. And driving a car. Sounds stubit, but I seriosly go in panic when I drive. Otherwise I don't mind travel with car.

What's you favorite food?
French fries, breaded steak and thick mushroom sauce.

Favorite drink?
Coke and tea.

Favorite candy?
Fazer's dark chocolate.

What's your favorite book?
Tove Jansson's Moominland Midwinter. I love mood on it.

What's you favorite comicbook?
There's so many of them... I can't choose!

So you read comics a lot?
Dude, I grew up with them!

What's your favorite cartoon show?
Moomins, because they're my childhood. Can't help loving them! ^w^

Favorite tv-show?
House M.D. Hugh Laurie rulez!

Do you read manga?
Yes. More than watch anime.

Can you draw manga?
Yes and no. I usually draw chibis but I wouldn't call my style as a manga. It's because there's always some wise-ass who say: "This is not manga because it's drawn by non-japanese guy!". I really hate those people.

How nerd are you?
That much I know what is DOS-box but I dunno how to use it. I also hang around a lot in side. It's really fun.

Do you like slashes?
Yes, if they're well made. Cute and romantic ones are usually my favorites.

Favorite slash?
TillxFlake. ^w^

Do you make that slash?
Not literaly, but you can find hints...
Well ok, I do that slash. But I'll try to be subtle. Sometimes.

Do you make porn?
Nope. Not my thing. Sorry!
I might draw kisses, but I don't count them as a porn.

Do you sell your art?
Yes, but contact me by e-mail. The address is under my Devious Info.

Who are your idols?
Tim Burton, Tove Jansson, Carl Barks, Hayo Miyazaki, Alan Moore, the whole Monty Python croup and of cource Rammstein.

Why don't you send your foto in here?
I just don't wanna do that, ok?

Are you in Facebook or Twitter?
No, and never will be. I don't have time nor interest for that.

What is your political interest?
Policy is not really a comfortable subject to me. It makes me angry. I hate both right and left wings: they're stupid. I refuse to join any of these groups (especially radical ones!!!).
But if I must choose something I'd be an anarchist. They don't have a leader. Sure, I would be lonely but at least nobody forces me to be a sheep.

Are you DA addict?
Heh, quite much. ^w^

Why do you draw yourself cat's ears?
Because I'm playful, lazy, fastidious, independent (read: don't like to follow others), carnivore and I like to live at nights. Doesn't that sound like a cat to you?

Do you actually have cat's ears?
Yes I do. I bought them from Ruisrock festivals.

Wanna warn people about you?
I don't get furious easily, but I get pisst off pretty quickly (and way too often). When I do that, the whole neighbourhood will know about it. It's from my mother's side, can't help it.
Oh, and this is also good to know:
Anything else?

Final question; are you grazy?
Well, of cource I am! :evillaugh:
You know folks, this isn't gonna work.
I'm sorry but it isn't.

I want to quit.

I'm serious.

I've been thinking this last month and I have come always to same conclusion: I can't go on like this. After my gratuation from art school I have realised why I've been so upset lately. I have hold on a mask on me all the time. I haven't show real me to anyone.
For you I have been W.A. who draws more or less disturbing fanart (which is still pretty tame comparing to ones I've seen), but I can't do it anymore. I don't wanna do it anymore.
Don't get me wrong, I love drawing and painting more than anything else. I can't live without doing doodles all the time or thinking what would be really cool to capture on canvas. Being artist has been my dream longer than I can remember and during these 3 years I've been on art school I can't imagine doing anything else for my living.
When I started here I was happy I could show my work to the world. I was young girl, my hair was longer and I barely knew how to use scanner or camera. I though I could take over the world.
Now things have changed. First, I'm not a girl anymore I'm a woman. Second, I feel too old to make fan-art of anything. It's not fun anymore. And third, I started this as a hobby but now I want to move forward. I want to do my own stuff. I want to be that professional artis I've always dreamed of. No artistic names, no chibi pictures of yourself that looks nothing like you, no hiding in the shadows.

No more using mask.

I told you earlier I was gonna quit someday, but I never thought that day would come soon. I'm not going to close this chanel, if you're afraid of that, but I'm not going to add anything new. Though I propably will finish my cat drawnings and "Absinken" eventually.
If it makes you feel better, I'm going to make myself a new DA chanel in the future. Only this time it's on my real name. If you're lucky you'll find me. After all, this is an art site and I am an artist.

I'm not saying goodbye, because technically I'm still here. I just wanted to tell you what I'm going to do.

I hope you'll understand.

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Flakchen Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh my god your art is awesome! I love your Till x Flake pics so much! :D
Timofticiuc2 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We still love you. :) :heart:
frostise Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
there is one of you art here :
RoxyTheWolf89 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello :)

You really need to see this, someone has taken some of your pics. and posted them on this site, its somekind of Rammstein haters who hates "weird" rammstein fanart or something like that, some of my drawings is on it too :O

But just take a look through the site [link]
JJbeildschmitt Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
i love R+ kinder! :)
DenisDlugas Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011   General Artist
Gee... thanks so much for :+fav:ing my illustration of Disney's Little Turtle [link] - I really do appreciate it!!! :hug: :aww:
DenisDlugas Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011   General Artist
Gee... thanks so much for :+fav:ing my illustration of Disney's Little Hiawatha [link] - I really do appreciate it!!! :hug: :aww:
tillsdoppelganger Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011
I'm so un-observant- I only just noticed the note above the other day. While it makes me very sad, I understand your reasons for wanting to move on. (I've been feeling the same way in the last few months, but I need to finish The Messers first). I have enjoyed your work immensely- not just the fanart- and I will miss seeing it here terribly. I hope whatever you take on in the future is satisfying for you, and that you will share it with us. (If you're on Facebook, poke me sometime- I'm Maggie Bloodstone. )
Much love,
tillsdoppelganger Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
...I meant R+ kittens. (Why can't you edit these things-?)
tillsdoppelganger Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
I thought you might appreciate these- they're by my friend Roberta, who also created the 'Fire And Loathing' design for me. (And it's not like I'm hinting for the other + kittens, or anything...;) )
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